Book Review: Okayest Mom

Okayest Mom: When God’s Plan of Adoption Doubled My Family was of my favorite nonfiction books I read this summer! It speaks to the heart of every mom who has ever wished she could be better or be the perfect mom. It reminded me that I have so much to offer as a mom and that I can’t/shouldn’t compare myself or my family to others.

It’s also a great view into the practical, spiritual, and emotional realities of adopting. Sometimes adoption gets romanticized, but this book shows how beautiful adoption is while also allowing readers to understand what it looks like on a daily basis.

This book is also EASY TO READ, which is important for moms! I enjoyed it because it was gentle, funny, and touching. The author, Natalie Gwyn, is a wonderful writer who shares deep, spiritual truths in an accessible, friendly way!! Highly recommend.

What was your favorite book this summer? And just for fun: Would you ever consider adoption??

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