Old-Fashioned Girl

“Young men often laugh at the sensible girls whom they secretly respect, and affect to admire the silly ones whom they secretly despise, because earnestness, intelligence, and womanly dignity are not the fashion.” –An Old-Fashioned Girl

This is the book we read when we wanted more of Louisa May Alcott and had read Little Women, Little Men, and Jo’s Boys so many times the covers were falling off. It’s the hidden gem we found deep in the library shelves when we’d read every other kindred spirit book we could find.

We loved the story of sweet, old-fashioned Polly who made such a deep and lasting impact on her worldly friends through her quiet faith and loving service. She taught us to believe that we can make a difference in this world by the way we live, work, and love.

This is the book my mother always said I would enjoy when I was older, and she was right; when I was old enough to thrill at the hint of love, it flew to the top of my list of favorites.

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