“I’ll always say my prayers…and if God doesn’t answer them at once I shall know it’s because He’s planning something better for me.” -Heidi

I thought it might be nice to do a Throwback Thursday book today. I loved this book as a girl! I read Heidi probably four or five times all the way through, but I went back to the the opening chapters over and over. The world that Spyri painted was striking and beautiful.

I wanted to live on “the Alp” with the Alm Uncle, drink fresh goat’s milk, eat crusty bread with cheese toasted on top, and sleep in the little bed under the stars. I thought the Alm Uncle was the most loving person a little girl could ever find, and I loved his sweet goats.

The illustrated color edition shown here was a bookstore find a few years ago. The green one has an inscription on the inside dated Christmas 1937!

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