You might be the answer to your own problems.

I am great at noticing problems. I’m not so great at being the solution.

Just this week, a friend told me she can’t attend many church functions because there isn’t childcare during the events and services at her smaller church. Another friend is struggling with a very dry climate at her church. My thought for myself and my friends: Maybe we’re the answer!

You might be the answer to your own problems IF . . .

  • You often analyze the problem
  • Other people are affected by the problem
  • You think, “someone should do something about this.”
  • Solutions to the problem keep coming to mind
  • You consider what you would do if you were in charge
  • You want to find others who feel the same way

If any of that sounds familiar, it’s time to think about the strategic place God has planted you and your own unique gifts. You might be exactly where you are (in the exact uncomfortable place where you are) for a purpose.


Before you freak out, this doesn’t mean you need to rush out and commit yourself to anything big. God may simply be calling you to pray and consider the problem from his perspective. After some prayer, you may see a change occur outwardly or inwardly. (Either something physical will change or you’ll stop caring about it so much.)


If you pray and sense God leading you to step out to help alleviate the problem, pray about what it will look like exactly. Write down some ideas, talk with a few people, and see if something can be done.


If you’re the only one who sees the need, then it might just be something you need to look into personally. However, it’s more likely that quite a few people want the same thing you want! Join together to meet the need.


When you set out to love your family, friends, and community by meeting a need, a little bit can go a long way. Years ago, when I saw the need for a meals ministry at my church, I started with a sign up sheet after church on the back table. People signed up, we started to provide meals, and it grew from there. That ministry has changed hands many times over the years, but it’s still going strong nearly 14 years later.

Is God asking you to step in and be the answer? If you’re someone who overcommits, make sure you pray long and hard first. If you’re hesitant to step out, pray and ask God for his guidance. He’ll give you what you need to take the first step.

Remember: The solution doesn’t have to be big or complicated!

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