Avonlea Hospitality

When is the last time someone invited you to do something?

Anne Shirley always had so many scrapes in the kitchen, she could have probably had a funny YouTube channel!

But don’t you love that she never stops trying and never stops inviting?

Even after the currant wine, the mouse in the plum pudding, and the liniment-flavored cake, Anne keeps inviting people over, she keeps cooking, she keeps hosting.

Because she loves people and because she’s learned an important lesson:

An invitation can mean the world to someone else.

When you invite someone to meet up for lunch, have coffee or tea, go for a walk, or simply sit on the porch, you never know what it could mean…

An invitation can mean the difference between…

Sitting alone and sitting together…
Staying home and getting out…
Silence and laughter…
Loneliness and companionship…
Being unknown and being known…

When we invite people into our lives, into our homes, and into our circles, it can make all the difference to that person.

An invitation sends a message.

An invitation says, I’m glad you’re here. I’d like to get to know you more. I care about you. I think you’re worth knowing.

An invitation says, it’s not the same without you.

I think Anne loved inviting people over because she knew what it was like to be the new girl, the outsider, the orphan, the lonely one.

I think Anne knew that an invitation can mean the world to someone else.

I think she knew that an invitation can make all the difference.

What does an invitation mean to you, Kindred Spirits? What’s the best thing someone could do to make you feel welcome?

Since moving to a new state last summer, so many kind women have invited me to do things. It has meant the world to me! Last week I invited my Bible study over to our house and it felt good!

Happy Montgomery Monday!

Rachel xx

“Practice hospitality.” Rom 12:13

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