Literary Heart-Swoons!

What’s your favorite Anne+Gil moment, Kindred Spirits? What do you love most about their darling, slow-burn romance?!

It’s HEART-SWOON month, and I can’t wait to celebrate all of my favorite Literary Romances and Bosom Friends with you for Galentine’s/Valentine’s Month!

I’m starting with Anne and Gil because…YOU KNOW WHY!!!

That sideways smile. That wink that’s coming. (If you know, you know!) He’s so swoony, I’m swooning just writing about it!

Anne and Gil are one of the best and most romantic couples ever written and you can’t change my mind!

So tell me, tell me, what is it about Anne and Gil that makes you SWOON!!!

Here’s to a beautiful book-love month, Kindred Spirits!

Rachel xx

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