Guest Post: Daisy F. Dronen on Marmee and Motherhood

The following are excerpts from Daisy F. Dronen’s Wednesday Words, where she shares the impact Marmee March has had on her parenting and her tender experiences reading Little Women alongside The Little Women Devotional with her children. Here’s Daisy:

I love reading. I have loved reading from the minute I learned to string words together. I am not sure why I had never read Little Women, but I am so glad I discovered it along side my kiddos! I will forever treasure reading this book together.

We reread it this winter and I am so glad that I had Rachel’s new Little Women Devotional. This chapter by chapter companion truly spurred me to begin again as Marmee invites her girls to do. To begin again in a more gentle and slow way for all things. In parenting, to extend grace more earnestly when I just want compliance. In life, to wait with patience when I just want things to get done. In relationships, to wade deeper into uncertain pools as we love each other when I just want comfort and ease.

The beautiful devotions drew out of the chapter a still small voice that invited me to reflect and learn instead of only being entertained. The sweet illustrations added a whimsical feel and helped me imagine myself in the scene. I loved showing the pictures to the kiddos and they made sure I didn’t forget. The prayer that Rachel offers at the end of each devotional without fail touched on a need or a struggle we were facing that day.

I may or may not have cried as I read the devotionals. The last one was so sweet and encouraged me so much in motherhood. The kiddos all came around and hugged me when my voice cracked reading about the fruit of Marmee’s investment in her children. I believe reading this devotional together with my children not only strengthened our bond but also gave us more insight into how we can love each other better. Read more of Daisy’s lovely story HERE.

Meet Daisy

Daisy F. Dronen is a writer, blogger, and encourager. She describes herself as a bellwether table-gatherer who loves fresh cut flowers and reading-always reading! She invites women to join her around the table creating a beautiful space in which to have heart conversations. She believes the invitation to come around the table nurtures the deepest parts of who we are and allows for us to then invite others in. You can follow her on on IG @daisyfd or at

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