A Prairie Devotional by Wendi Lou Lee

If you haven’t heard about A Prairie Devotional, please allow me to introduce my friend Wendi Lou Lee, one of the twins who played Baby Grace on the television series Little House on the Prairie!

This is such a perfect gift for anyone who loved the show and needs some encouragement in their relationship with God. On my blog, we often talk about the way God can move in our lives in unexpected ways. Wendi can certainly relate! After living through a brain tumor and brain surgery, Wendi was convinced God was calling her to write her memoir. But then something happened.

God put her on a new path.

Although I had planned to write a memoir, God changed my path, and I’m very grateful. My first book, A Prairie Devotional, is a collection of stories about my life, about the ups and downs, and about the episodes of Little House—the joys and sorrows that we all face. My hope is to inspire us to live the way Charles and Caroline Ingalls did—devoted to their faith in God, dedicated to their families, and determined to spread kindness to those around them.

-Wendi Lou Lee, “Baby Grace” from the television series, Little House on the Prairie

Wendi is a Jesus follower, a former child actress, and a brain surgery survivor. The four seasons she spent on Little House on the Prairie playing Baby Grace Ingalls are among God’s greatest blessings. Sharing her story of God’s goodness through life’s most difficult circumstances brings Wendi the most joy.

My friend Wendi Lou Lee.

I loved watching Little House as a girl and reading all the books. When I first met Wendi, I knew her as “Baby Grace.” But today, she’s “my friend Wendi.” I met Wendi at a writers conference three years ago. We hit it off immediately and have since become good friends. We’ve encouraged one another as we wrote and released our devotional books. She has a heart of gold and is a beautiful woman of God, inside and out.

Articles about A Little House Devotional

God has opened the door for Wendi to share her story and the message of God’s love in A Prairie Devotional with a wide audience. If you want to know more about her days as a child actor, her life as a brain tumor survivor, or her funny adventures at cast reunions in Walnut Grove, you can visit these sites. She was also featured on the 700 Club with Efrem Graham, the Hallmark Home & Family Show, and other great outlets:

Little House on the Prairie




Reading is My Superpower


Wendi Lou Lee’s book is now available online and in bookstores. If you know someone who liked the Little House show or books and maybe wouldn’t normally read a devotional book, this will make a lovely gift. You can follow Wendi, read her blog, or join her newsletter here.

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