“My Dreaming Chair”

Do you have a special spot in your house where you love to curl up? When I’m on deadline, I sometimes practically tie myself to the desk in my office and stay there for hours and days just to get the work done. I sit in a straight-backed chair with plenty of good lighting and a tall glass of water. I don’t listen to music or eat snacks. I don’t stop for breaks. I just write.

It’s terrible—but it works!

Now just in case you’re thinking, wow, that’s a really depressing start for a “my favorite writing spot” article, let me assure you that there’s another place where I like to write that’s much more enjoyable. It’s the place where I can dream and draft and scribble. It’s where I find my inspiration and my joy. It’s where I go when I need to journal, think, pray, or jot down notes. It’s my dreaming chair.

My dreaming chair is a cozy greenish chair that sits by the big picture window in my front room. There, I have plenty of natural light, a place to put up my feet, a pillow for my back, and a soft cozy blanket to drape over my legs.

Best of all, my dreaming chair has a dreamy friend—my little dog, Diogee (as in “D-O-G”). He’s a fluffy Cavapoo who loves nothing better than a good snuggle. His day isn’t complete if we haven’t had some time in “our chair.” When he gets up in the morning, he jumps up there to rest and wait until I come sit down. When he sees me pick up my Bible, prayer journal, and notepad after breakfast, he wags his tail in excitement and moves over to make room.

And so this is how it works: I sit down, unfold my blanket, and get myself settled. Then Diogee gets on my lap, asks for a few good scratches behind his ears, and snuggles down on top of my legs. I set my things on his back and get to work, while he happily goes off to doggy dream land. (This is not a joke—he lets me use him as my desk!)

On mornings when I bring my laptop, we have to get more creative. I usually work a bit off to one side while he tucks himself further to the other side of the chair. Sometimes I bring my breakfast or a hot cup of tea with me. Every so often, Diogee goes outside for a romp and a bark session.

But that’s where we sit when we need to think deep thoughts. That’s where we do our best dreaming.

It’s comfy. It’s cozy. And it’s wonderful.

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Reader, now it’s your turn: Do you have your own cozy nook for reading, writing, and dreaming? Please tell me about it in the comments.

Grace and peace,

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