Books Are My Constant

I had the best time gushing about books and reading in this article for Dear Reader this week! They are also doing a really neat book giveaway for 3 winners. Here is an excerpt from the article. Enjoy!

This year–the year of “everything’s different” and “the only thing that’s open is nothing”–I find great comfort in the simple act of reading a book. There’s something so solid and unchanging about books. The world can turn upside-down, everything can close, school and work and church can become virtual, but my love of reading stays the same.

In fantasy worlds and time travel stories, in math and science, and even in our own personal lives, we need constants–fixed points that never change. For those of us who read, books can act as a constant in an ever-shifting world.

Don’t you love knowing you can pick up any book on your shelf and immediately be transported to another time and place? Depending on what book you open, you might find inspiration, escape, adventure, comfort, or healing. There’s nothing quite like it.

And this year more than ever, I find myself drawn to comfort reads–books I know and love. They provide a certain amount of reliability that I crave. I enjoy slipping back to a world I’ve already explored and meeting up with familiar characters. I like looking forward to my favorite parts; I like knowing it will all be okay in the end. […continue reading here…]

-Excerpt from “Books are my Constant” by Rachel Dodge for Dear Reader

Are books your constant? What types of books have you been reaching for this year?

Grace and peace,

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