Jane Austen in July!

Jane Austen always captures things perfectly, doesn’t she? Here in Northern California, we’ve been experiencing bouts of “dreadful hot weather,” and I certainly feel as though I’m in a “continual state of inelegance!”

July is an active month for Jane Austen fans, which provides a welcome bit of refreshment in the middle of summer. And despite COVID-19, this year is no different, with virtual conferences, festivals, tours, and book clubs popping up around the world for Jane Austen in July.

Why July? Jane passed away in Winchester, England on 18th July 1817. In honor of her life and legacy, Jane Austen fans celebrate worldwide each year in a number of wonderful ways.

Here are a few highlights I’m enjoying so far this month:

1. Jane Austen Society’s Virtual 80th Birthday Party

This is a free online day of celebration hosted by Chawton House celebrating the Jane Austen Society’s 80th birthday. The entire set of talks released today! You can watch all the videos here.

The first video shares messages and insights from Jane Austen societies around the world, which I found fascinating:

2. The Virtual Jane Austen Festival in Louisville, KY

I’ve been dying to make it out to this epic Jane Austen festival one summer, but it never seems to work out. This year’s virtual festival feels a bit like an extra treat! It’s been a blast to watch from home and see the creativity and joy that exudes from this incredible JASNA regional group.

The festival links stay live until July 26, 2020. You can watch the videos here.

3. Jane Austen July Readathon

Jane Austen July is a month-long readathon that celebrates Jane Austen’s novels and related works. It’s hosted by BookTubers Katie of “Books and Things” and Marissa of “Blatantly Bookish”.

You can follow the challenges and join the Good Reads discussion group here or watch these intro videos by Katie of “Books and Things” and Marissa of “Blatantly Bookish” to find out more!

4. Journaling with Jane

Starting Sunday, July 12th, Jane Austen’s House is celebrating Jane Austen and the anniversary of her death with 7 days of Journaling with Jane.

Photo courtesy of Jane Austen’s House

Jane Austen’s House will be sharing prompts, themes and ideas on their Instagram page and their web site all week long. You can read more about it here. I hope you’ll join me in this endeavor!

I haven’t had the time or mental capacity to engage in things like this all year, but sitting down last night to watch some of the wonderful presentations that many Austen groups and charities have been sharing really lifted my spirits and made me smile. I hope they do the same for you!

What am I missing? Are you participating in any Austen-related activities this month that didn’t make my list? Please share in the comments.

Jane’s Prayers:
Praying with Jane: 31 Days Through the Prayers of Jane Austen
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  1. I love your “Jane Austen in July” feature!! I participated in the Chawton House Journaling activity, watched the videos of the Virtual 80th Birthday and the Kentucky Festival and enjoyed the Readathon activities! Thank You!

    July 25th is a big day in the Jane Austen virtual world: Two Zoom events are going on- Natalie Jenner, author of “The Jane Austen Society” will be in the spotlight from 11am-12:15 hosted by JASNA Southwest. “For the Love of Austen” will be hosted by JASNA Sacramento from 2-4pm featuring four Jane Austen authors. Don’t miss these great events!

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