Annie F. Downs, Karen Swallow Prior, and Jane Austen, oh my!

For those who love Annie F. Downs and / or Karen Swallow Prior (I happen to love both of them!), then you’ll enjoy this episode of Annie’s podcast That Sounds Fun. In it, Annie talks with Dr. Prior about all sorts of wonderful literary things, including Dr. Prior’s newest book releases, Jane Austen’s life and faith, and (for a quick second) Praying with Jane. *Swoon!*

In her interview, Dr. Prior discusses literature, culture, and faith. Annie F. Downs asks brilliant and thoughtful questions, even touching on some of the current events of today. They even did an “after-show” on YouTube (details below) dedicated to more details about Jane Austen’s life.

That Sounds Fun Podcast: Karen Swallow Prior

Episode Description: Get ready for your English and British Literature heart to grow three sizes bigger. Dr. Karen Swallow Prior is a theologian and an author and professor. Her latest works are like literature classes alongside classics (the best of both worlds).

Listen to the Podcast Here:

For more Jane Austen fun with Annie and Dr. Prior, head over to YouTube where they focused in more on our favorite female author!

Dr. Prior has two new books that just released with B&H: Heart of Darkness and Sense and Sensibility. I can’t wait to read her Guide to Reading and Reflecting in this beautiful new edition of Sense and Sensibility:

Book Description: Through this beautifully designed series, bestselling author, literature professor, and avid reader Karen Swallow Prior will guide you through a selection of classics. She will not only navigate you through the pitfalls that trap readers today, but show you how to read them in light of the gospel, and to the glory of God.

Karen Swallow Prior is an award-winning Professor of English at Liberty University. She earned her Ph.D. in English at SUNY Buffalo. Her writing has appeared at The Atlantic, Christianity Today, Washington Post, Vox, First Things, Sojourners, Relevant, Think Christian, and other places. She is a Senior Fellow at the Trinity Forum, a Senior Fellow at Liberty University’s Center for Apologetics and Cultural Engagement, and a member of the Faith Advisory Council of the Humane Society of the United States.

Praying with Jane

Annie ordered Praying with Jane after taping the show and graciously shared it on her Instagram stories and web site with a purchase link. It’s unbelievably kind (and helpful!) when someone like Annie or Karen mentions an author’s book. (For friends and family who may want to listen to that part of the show, go to about the 35-minute mark.)

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