Autumn with Austen.

Happy November! During this beautiful fall season, Praying with Jane has been on the move–and there’s still more to come! This week, I’m taking a break from writing my new book to rest, spend time with my family, and catch up on life.

It’s been a busy time, and I’ve got lots to share!

September adventures.

October on the go.

  • I took Praying with Jane on the road to the JASNA AGM in Colonial Williamsburg.
  • I hosted a book table at a local crafters’ festival.
  • Literary Life blog and Facebook book club featured Praying with Jane as their October Book of the Month.

Kindness matters.

The vendor life is intense. Every single person on this list helped me without ever being asked. They saw a need and filled it.

  • A smiling man in Regency dress brought me a hot cup of tea.
  • California friends gave me a break so I could grab lunch.
  • Shuttle drivers waited for me and helped with my cart.
  • New friends helped carry my boxes through the woods at night.
  • Friendly Uber drivers made impossible timetables possible.
  • A bus driver stopped and took a group of us to our hotel, outside his normal route, because we looked so lost.

What it all means.

Participating in events and promotions like these means signing books for friends and family members I’ll never meet but hope to bless. It means listening to stories told through choked-back tears. It means clasped hands, tight hugs, and whispered prayers. It means giving away gifts. It means finishing well and taking home less than I brought. It means relieved smiles and exhausted goodbyes. It means handfuls of new friends and colleagues, sisters and brothers.

Best of all, it means sending hundreds of people home with a book that I pray will nourish their souls and give them hope.

Bonnets and ballgowns.

And, finally, some photos from Williamsburg:

My book table . . . all decked out.
These two looked stunning every day!
Is this Milsom Street?
Taking a stroll through the Emporium.
We saw Colonial dresses, too!
This photo doesn’t do Zoe’s dress justice.
My new friend, Renee. She is a kindred spirit!

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