A Jane Austen Birthday Giveaway

In honor of Jane Austen’s birthday this Sunday, I’m hosting a giveaway! It includes a signed copy of Praying with Jane: 31 Days Through the Prayers of Jane Austen, a prayer journal, and an enamel mug.

To enter the Instagram giveaway content, please click over to the giveaway post on Instagram @kindredspiritbooks, click “Follow,” and then tag a friend in the comments section. You can enter/tag as many times as you like. If you want two additional entries, share this in your story and tag me. You can share it each day as we count down to Sunday.

For my blog readers, I’m holding an additional giveaway. To enter, subscribe to my blog by clicking here. (Skip this step if you’re already a subscriber.) Then, answer this question in the comments below: “What is your favorite way to spend your birthday?”

ENDS: Both giveaways end on Jane Austen’s birthday, Sunday, December 16th, at 11:59 pm Pacific Time. Open to U.S. mailing addresses only. Not affiliated with Instagram in any way. (You can enter both contests.)

Join me: I’m counting down to Jane’s birthday each day with posts about Austen with the hashtag #happybirthdayjaneausten. I hope you’ll join me in honoring Jane by posting your own Austen-related photos!

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  1. One of my favorite way to spend my birthday is with family and friends at home. I guess it’s because I’m older, but like each day, every birthday is a celebration of each year of opportunities and challenges. A reminder of what I’ve learn, and how I’ve grown a little bit more each year from my life experiences. Life is to be cherished of their moments

    1. That’s lovely! I’m the same. I love to spend time with family and friends. I also have a funny tradition where I ask my parents to tell me a story about my birth. They usually tell me mostly the same stories, but this year when I asked, they told me something new I hadn’t heard before!

  2. I love to spend my birthday with my husband and our children. Our eldest was born on my birthday so we share a special day. Grateful thanks to God for letting us raise 3 of his kids

    1. That is so special!

  3. A dinner with my Husband and children. Then a quite evening at home.

    1. Same here!

  4. My favorite way to spend my birthday is…quietly. I’d like to spend it reading, having a nice drink and maybe watching a movie.

    1. Sounds perfect!

  5. I love eating at a nicer restaurant, being with family & having an extra treat like chocolate!

    1. YUM! That’s the way to do it!

  6. Staying in my pajamas and eating cake!

    1. Pajamas and cake . . . I can’t imagine a better combo!!

  7. How fun! I am sure she would be so shocked at how beloved she is now, and how her works hold such regard for us. I prefer for my birthday to be calm and not much fuss. As long as I am with my husband and kids, all is well in my life. I do appreciate thoughtful cards and treats by friends, as it seems to make my day extra special.

    1. I like those thoughtful little things as well. I have one friend who always drops flowers from Trader Joe’s on my steps on my birthday, even though she homeschools her 6 kids. I don’t know how she does it, but it makes me feel so special!

      1. That is awesome! I think with you knowing how busy she is, and that she makes the effort to do that for you makes it even more special.

  8. My favorite is with my family. It has to include my 91 &. 93 yr old aunt and uncle. That’s how it’s been and always will be until they pass on…

    1. That sounds perfectly delightful!

  9. I love just spending my birthday with my family with a special dinner!!!

    1. Sounds perfect!

  10. Since my birthday is on December 26, 1952, I’ve continued the tradition my mother started…..lunch and shopping the after Christmas sales. I now enjoy that time with my daughter!

    1. That is the best idea for a Christmas birthday. My dad’s birthday is December 28, and we always struggle to find a way to make it special after all the hoopla.

  11. Put up the Christmas 🌲

    1. How nice!

  12. I like to go to thrift shops.

    1. Sounds great! I do love to do some shopping somewhere around my birthday.

  13. I love to spend my birthday with just my family. I have 6 siblings, when we are all together at home with the parents you can’t beat that!

    1. How special! I bet it’s a great time with everyone together.

  14. My favorite way to spend my birthday is celebrating with my sister. Our birthdays are one week apart. We usually celebrate together with our families, our parents and one of of our brothers by going out to eat at our favorite mexican restaurant over a weekend. This year we will probably do the same thing. Although my sister said she would like for us to do a sisters day out around our birthdays.

    1. That sounds so fun!! A sisters day out sounds pretty fabulous, too.

  15. a meal with my husband (maybe my teen and tween–ha), finding and reading birthday mail, time outside and time reading or watching a favorite movie

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