Praying with Jane: Blog Tour Highlights (Part 2)

Hello, dear friends! I want to share the second leg of the blog tour and highlight these wonderful blogs so you can follow along with them if you don’t already. Thank you to each blogger for helping spread the word about Praying with Jane: 31 Days Through the Prayers of Jane Austen and for writing these varied and intriguing reviews. Here are some highlights from the second half of the tour:

  1. A Bookish Way of Life: “As a huge fan of Austen, I was super excited to get my hands on a copy of Rachel Dodge’s excellent new book, Praying with Jane. A book that explores Austen’s spiritual side and shares with us three prayers that she wrote – how could I not want to read that, right?! Especially, since I’ve been trying to connect with my faith more, too. I just knew that this book would be the right fit for me. Not only would I get to read about one of my favorite writers, but I would get to learn more about her. Talk about the perfect combination!”
  2. Diary of an Eccentric:Praying with Jane is as beautiful as Jane’s prayers, with tidbits about her life and religious upbringing, quotes from Scripture, an invitation to prayer with questions to ponder, and a prayer to close out each day’s devotion. Dodge even draws connections between the devotions and Austen’s novels. It’s the perfect book for Austen fans to gain a deeper appreciation of Jane and grow stronger in their own faith.”
  3. Becoming: “Verses . . . and sample prayers . . . strengthen the reader’s quiet time . . . You know so often Austen’s writing brings two people together. This book is no exception and seeks to draw one’s heart closer to God.”
  4. My Jane Austen Book Club: “Jane Austen’s prayers, daily habits, and family memoirs all point to a personal faith in Christ and a commitment to following the teachings of the Bible. Family documents reveal she was a devoted daughter, sister, aunt, and friend who lived out her faith in practical ways, in the way she spent her time, how she related to others, and how she wrote.”
  5. My Love for Jane Austen: “The devotional aspect of the book has a lot to offer to those who enjoy learning about faith and prayer. The biographical aspect of the book will appeal to readers who enjoy learning about Jane Austen’s life and want to know more about her personal life. Every reader can enjoy Jane’s beautiful prayers and spiritual habits. This is an opportunity to study an aspect of Jane’s life and writing that has not been explored in quite this way before.”
  6. Faith, Science, Joy, … and Jane Austen!: “This devotional is a gem. It encourages us to pray, not just with our lips, but with our hearts. I find it a perfect balance of Austen and faith, with the depth I look for in a devotional guide. ‘Let us Pray’ provides a prayer to read aloud, with places for us to add our own requests, thoughts, and needs. I really like this combination of a set prayer with a specific call for expansion. It keeps us from reading the prayer on a surface level, without thinking about it. We have to personalize it to our own lives.”

Thank you, my dear readers, for following along. Need a book for you or a gift for a friend, family member, or colleague?

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Blog Tour Dates:

October 31 – Praying with Jane, My changed Relationship with JaneJane Austen’s World, Vic Sanborn

November 1 – So Little Time, So Much to Read!, Candy Morton

November 2 – Laura’s Reviews, Laura Gerold

November 3 – Burton Reviews, Marie Burton

November 4 – Sofia Rose’s Place, Sophia Rose

November 5 – Jane Austen in Vermont, Deborah Barnum

November 6 – Calico Critic, Laura Hartness

November 7 – A Bookish Way of Life, Nadia Anguiano

November 8 – Diary of an Eccentric, Anna Horner

November 9 – Becoming, Nichole Parks

November 10 – My Jane Austen Book Club, Maria Grazia

November 11 – My Love for Jane Austen, Sylvia Chan

November 13 – Faith, Science, Joy … and Jane Austen, Brenda Cox

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