Brave Women Like You and Me

Who is the bravest woman you know?

Hint: It’s not me.

When I was asked to write an article about bravery, I got stuck for 6 weeks.

Until God showed me what true bravery means… and I began to notice all the brave women around me. Women who are doing incredibly courageous things each day, with little applause or acclaim, in their own way and in their own sphere.

Just like you.
Just like me.

And an idea began to form. And the words began to fly.

And when I was finished, I wanted to share it with every women I know.

I wanted the message to seep into their bones and into their hearts.

That every woman I know would see that God is making her brave in the everyday faithful things that she does.

Because we’re all in this together…

Credit: Knights Templar web site, Joan of Arc

“Your brave will often look different than mine. Sometimes your easy will be my hard and vice versa. But we all need Jesus to help us take brave steps of faith in the areas where we lack courage.”

Thank you to @becky.beresford who asked me to write this and for hosting me on her Brave Women Series. You can read the article for yourself.

In it, I list over 40 kinds of bravery I see in the women around me.

I hope you’ll see yourself in it.
I hope you’ll share it with the women you love and admire.
I hope you’ll take it to heart.

If I could call you and read it to you over the phone, I would. You can read it here:

What is your definition of a brave woman? Who is the bravest woman you know? Let’s honor the ladies in our lives!

You’re SO much braver than you think, Kindred Spirit!

Rachel xx


  1. Wow, reading this article made me think of all the brave women in my life who may not even realize their own courage. It’s amazing how we all have our own unique ways of being brave in our everyday lives. I truly admire these women who may not receive recognition or praise, yet they continue to push forward with strength and grace. Thank you for reminding us that we all have the capacity to be brave and that it doesn’t have to look the same for everyone. I will definitely be passing this article along to the inspiring women in my life. Thank you for sharing this beautiful message with us. Keep spreading bravery and encouragement, Rachel!

    1. I’m so grateful it inspired you. Thank you!!

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