Found Motherhood

“My mother’s name was Bertha Shirley.” -Anne Shirley

Anne Shirley never knew her mother. Marilla never had the chance to be a mother. Until one day, “Providence” brought them together “by a queer mistake.”

I sat across the table from two women this weekend. One had lost her mother. The other had lost her daughter. It was a poignant moment. And it made me think…

There are women all around us who are lonely today. There are women who long to be a mother and daughters who long to be mothered. Let’s find and love one another, dear sisters.

Many older women tell me they feel like they don’t have a place in the church as they get older. PLEASE believe me when I say, most of us “younger” ladies are dying to have an older woman notice us and take an interest in our lives. We often assume you’re too busy for us.

Many younger women tell me how much they long to have a mentor or an older, wiser woman disciple them. PLEASE believe me when I say that the “older” women around you don’t know where to start. They assume you don’t want to hear from them.

Wherever you fall on the Mother’s Day spectrum of emotion, let us remember to reach out to other women, love one another, and look for ways to be there for each other. Let’s be family.

Kindred Spirits, I am so thankful to have met and found community with so many of you here! Happy Mother’s Day!

Grace and peace,
Rachel xx

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