Don’t Give Up: An Encouragement

I love October. It’s the month when the leaves start to turn and the morning air finally feels crisp here in Northern California. It’s the time of year when I start to bake cinnamony apples in the oven and cover my front step with pumpkins. It’s also my birth month. When October hits, I get all the cozy feels, and can’t get enough of warm blankets, hot drinks, and chick flicks.

But this October, I’m fatigued. It’s the tenth month of 2020—a year that just seems to keep on going. I feel a bit worn down and beat up. It seems like every time I get my hopes up for a new season, that season gets trampled underfoot by more hard things.

Does this resonate with you, Kindred Spirit? Click on the link in my bio to read my latest article for The Glorious Table for a timely encouragement for this Fall season.

I chose to feature this photo because seeing this sign at Apple Hill, a favorite spot for Fall fun and apple treats near where I live, is a wonderful sight to behold. Is there anywhere special you like to visit each fall?

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