Kindred Spirits Are Not So Scarce

“Kindred spirits are not so scarce as I used to think. It’s splendid to find out there are so many of them in the world.” ― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

When I moved to a new city (and state) earlier this month, I got dreadfully sick on move-in day. I spent the next two weeks in bed and recuperating. But here’s what I learned about illness and newness.

Watch Lists for Sick Days

First, good movies never fail. While I was recuperating, I knew I needed some good Anne of Green Gables / Jane Austen / Downtown Abbey type shows or movies to keep me going. I asked for some suggestions on my socials and so many online friends sent well wishes and lots of fun ideas for sick-day movies.

In the comments below, please tell me the shows or movies that get you through sick days. There’s nothing like a warm cup of tea and a lovely movie to help the hours pass!

Good Neighbors

People care. After we moved in, our next-door neighbor left flowers and a card on our front porch! I texted her to say thank you and to let her know I’d love to meet her in person once I felt better, and she immediately asked if she could get anything from the grocery store for me. I needed a certain brand of vitamins and she went right out and got them. What a good neighbor!!

Making Friends

Dogs are conversation starters. My kids spent a lot of time those first few weeks walking our dog who is very friendly. They met lots of nice people as they walked up and down the sidewalk. Here’s a picture of our dog if you want to see why he’s a great helper when it comes to making new friends.

Caring Friends

The Body of Christ is amazing. Once my friends “back home” heard I was sick, I soon received a flurry of text messages, calls, and Door Dash gift cards.

Several cards and care packages arrived in the mail. Inside one care package, my friend sent a note, a candle, a packet of tea, and a beautiful book of poetry. Absolutely perfect!

Another friend who lives about an hour from our new home set up a meal train with her friends in the area, even though she just broke her ankle! I can’t begin to express my gratitude to those people who don’t know us but made meals for us and drove so far to care for us.

And a pastor at a local church called to check on us and pray for me over the phone. They sent us a gift card as well. Wow.

Be Still

Like most people, I’d much rather be the one to serve others, rather than be the one who is served, but I’m learning to be thankful and be okay with letting people help. It’s okay (and even needful) to be still sometimes.

All of this helped me remember that kindred spirits really aren’t so scarce. They are all around us. Even though I was miserable, God brought good from it all. Because I was so sick, our family received a lot of care and love our first few weeks in our new town – mostly from “strangers.”

More than ever, I want to be someone who truly loves my friends and neighbors well – even if I’ve never met them.

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