The Little Women Devotional is Here!

It’s FINALLY time for my Little Women Devotional book launch!!! The book officially releases Tuesday, March 1st. To all who have waited SO patiently to get this book in your hands, thank you – a thousand times thank you!

This devotional book has been a labor of love from the beginning – I wrote it during the pandemic, when writing was hard, life was hard, and my heart was hurting. So much change and so much loss marks that season as I know it does for many of you.

And now, on the brink of bringing this book baby into the world, there is unsettling news from around the globe and especially in Ukraine where I have dear friends and family-of-friends. I am praying that this book will be a comfort, an encouragement, and a balm to all who read it, wherever you are in the world.

Little Women starts during the Civil War when Mr. March is away in the war as a chaplain. The family learns how to cling to one another, cling to God, and cling to hope in the midst of difficult times. This book was supposed to release December 1st and is now releasing March 1st – just when we need an anchor and a word from the Lord. I absolutely trust God’s perfect timing for this book to come out right now.

I now have books in stock, so if you’d like to order a signed book, I’d love to send one to you!! I also have bookmarks and stickers! You can order signed books HERE.

Note: If you ordered directly from Barbour Publishing, pre-orders shipped out last week. If you ordered from Amazon or another retail site, the process takes a little longer. Your books *should* be on their way this week or next. (I’m praying it’s sooner than later!)

Grace and peace,
Rachel xx

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