It’s almost summer! What’s on your reading list?

The Kindred Spirit Book Club summer reading series starts next week! Are you getting excited? I sure am! I used my birthday gift card this week to buy a few of the books on my list, and I can’t wait for the box to arrive on my doorstep. (Who doesn’t love book mail?)

This week’s post is all about how to start your own book list, find great books, and curate your own doable reading list for the summer.

Keep reading to the end to find out about the fun activities I have planned for us this summer because kindred spirits are all about community and friendship!

And a sneak peek for you, coming next week: An English Garden Book Walk printable you can download to help you track your summer reading and provide you with creative, book-inspired activities.

Your Very Own Summer Book List:

This series is designed to help you select good books, inspire you to read them, and build community with other women. Here are a few tips to help you create a summer reading list that fits your style and personality:

  • Be Realistic: Before you start your book list, look at your calendar. Where will you be and what will you be doing this summer? Few people can enjoy a really dense book on a plane, next to the pool, or on a long road trip. Summer is about family, friends, and refreshment. Think about a book list that says “summer” to you.
  • Choose Joy: What we read has the power to lift or deaden our spirits. Think about choosing books that inspire you, give you hope, revive your heart, take you back to your roots, and/or help you remember what’s really important in life.
  • Tried and True: There’s nothing like a summer nostalgia read! Consider picking out a favorite book you want to read again, a classic book that you’ve never read, or a new book by a beloved author.
  • Hidden Treasures: Look through your shelves and pick out a book you borrowed or bought but haven’t had time to read yet. (Book De-Cluttering Tip: While you’re at it, give away or give back a few books you know you’ll never read.)
  • Try Something New: Look through the bestseller lists, get recommendations from friends, or explore a few book lists from other bloggers. (One of my favorite book bloggers and podcasters is Anne Bogel over at Modern Mrs. Darcy.)

Refine Your List:

  • Sample It: Before you race off to buy or borrow a bunch of books, read reviews of the books on your list first. If you’re a Kindle reader, download samples to see if they fit your style. Or, go to your library or bookstore to take a closer look in person and narrow down your choices.
  • Rate It: You can also check the “rating” of most books (much like a movie rating) on Common Sense Media for profanity/content.
  • Just Say No: Look back over your list. Cross out any books on your list that you feel you SHOULD read; replace them with books you WANT to read. (Save heavy reading material for cozy fall or winter evenings.)

List It! Choose 3-4 books you really want to read in the next few months. Resist lofty goals; an unrealistic list will only make you feel overwhelmed and potentially guilty. Just choose your top few books. You can always add more books later!

Kindred Spirit Book Club Facebook Group:

What’s the only thing better than reading a great book? Talking about great books with other book lovers! With community and friendship in mind, I’ve created a Kindred Spirit Facebook Group where we can post and chat about great books all summer long. It goes live Monday, June 4th.

June Read-Along: If you’re interested in reading along, our June read-along book is The Blue Castle by L.M. Montgomery. It’s a delightfully grown-up book by the author of Anne of Green Gables. I hope you’ll read (or re-read) it and join us for a discussion at the end of June. It’s fun, quick, and easy to read.

You can also follow me on Instagram @kindredspiritbooks where I post my favorite books, book-based films, and literary quotes.

Join the Summer Reading Fun: 

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Please also comment below with the books you’re considering for this summer.

Come read with me, explore great books, and be inspired this summer!


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