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12a4ccef49cd3ff32adc3c9ae9e41c41This is the place to find handouts and links with the information and tools you need to become a better, more confident, more knowledgeable, and more successful writer. When a writer sits down to write, whether it is for fun or for an assignment, s/he goes through a process that is both insane and delightful (and everything in between). These resources are here to help you make the most of your time and energy as a writer…as well as provide you with loads of practical ideas for finding your way through most writing projects. You can also read my blog for more articles about writing tips.

All Sorts of Ideas
Pre-writing Strategies

Thesis Statements Tips:
Writing Tips: Thesis Statements – CSW Illinios
Guide to Writing Thesis Statements – University of Washington
Tips and Examples for Thesis Statements – Purdue OWL

Writing Good Introductions:
Writing Great Intros
Famous Introductions (TED Ed video)

Writing Good Conclusions:
Conclusions (not summaries)
Taking Conclusions to the Next Level

How Workshops Work
“Responding” by Richard Straub

Using Quotes:
The Quote Sandwich

How to Write a Critical Analysis:
Basic Tips for Writing a Literary Analysis

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