The Anne Devo: ECPA Christian Book Award Finalist!

Somebody, please pinch me!!

I just got news today that the ECPA has selected The Anne of Green Gables Devotional as a finalist for the 2022 Christian Book Award in the Devotion & Gift Category!

I don’t know whether to squeal or cry, so I’m gonna go ahead and do both! Will you join me?

It was an absolute dream to write this book and it’s an incredible honor to be nominated, let alone be a finalist, for this award. Thank you to Barbour Books for the opportunity to write this incredible book. Thank you to every friend and reader who has supported this book and helped share its message of adoption and belonging in Christ!

My heart’s cry for this book has been and will always be that every reader who picks it up would fully grasp the deep love of the Father for his precious adopted daughters in Christ!

Much love to you all, Kindred Spirits!!

Grace and peace,


  1. Congratulations on this nomination. This book was such a joy to read since I always loved this series.

    Chapter 38 in the Personal Application section you reminded me that “God is calling you to go deeper in your relationship with Him, but there may be something you need to surrender and lay at His feet.”

    So that’s what I did. I confessed anger, jealousy and envy that I have been harboring in my heart toward my two brothers and two grown children for the past three years. My husband, George and I are sole caregivers of my 87 year old mom. Everyone else has their own lives and responsibilities. They visit once or twice a year and send money. She doesn’t need money, she needs contact with them. We don’t need their money, we need respite care,. She’s now well enough to stay alone for a few days. We have friends who check in on her if we’re away. She doesn’t travel well anymore, so it’s up to them to come to her. They don’t even call her regularly. I didn’t realize how angry, jealous and envious I felt until your encouragement. So thank you. My burden has been removed and I feel renewed and thankful for the role God has placed me in.

    I have read your books in the opposite order you wrote them. I first read your Little Women devotional, then Anne, and now I have just started “Praying with Jane.” Thank you for sharing your heart through you books.

    I love your gift of writing and the insights God has blessed you with.
    God bless you in your writing and teaching.

    1. Dear Jeanne, This is so beautiful and so encouraging to me. Your message brought tears to my eyes. It’s incredible what God can do when we surrender all to Him. And I can relate completely to how you’ve felt, especially to not even realize how much was beneath the surface. I’m in a similar place (about a different situation) and it’s taking time for God to unearth all of the deeper feelings and bring them to light. Oh, what a relief once we give it all to Him! I’m SO excited to hear that you’ve enjoyed each of my devotional books. Wow! Thank you for writing. You have no idea how much it means to a writer to hear from a reader. God bless you!! xx

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